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Grill Pro IBT-24S Ultimate Smart Meat Thermometer

Grill Pro IBT-24S Ultimate Smart Meat Thermometer

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Are you tired of constantly checking the temperature of your meat while cooking? The Grill Pro IBT-24S is the solution for you.

Meat thermometer

This smart food thermometer features 4 stainless steel probes labeled by different colors, allowing you to simultaneously monitor the separate temperatures of 4 different types of food without confusion.

Its free app allows you to monitor temperatures via the application in a barrier-free range of 150 feet (45 meters), and track all the temperatures through historical graphs.

Say goodbye to babysitting your cooking!

The IBT-24S supports high-temperature and low-temperature alarms to alert you when the preset temperature is reached. It features countdown timers to help you always grill tasty meals at the perfect timing. With a large LCD screen with high brightness, high contrast, and full view, you can check all temperatures from 4 probes at one glance, even in the darkness.

Get your Grill Pro IBT-24S now and start grilling like a pro.

The device is easy to use, with a magnetic back for easier storage and more convenient viewing. Its long battery life of about 20 hours in full charge ensures stable temperature measurement, avoiding sudden blackouts in grilling. With a 1-year product warranty, you can buy with confidence.

Order now and enjoy the following benefits:

  • 4 colored probes to cook 4 types of food simultaneously
  • 150 feet/45 meters barrier-free transmission range
  • Large HD LCD screen with backlight for better viewing
  • High/low-temperature alarms and timers for better grilling
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, long working duration
  • Record the temperature and store the temperature data of the last 3*24 hours locally.

Don't miss out on the ultimate BBQ meat thermometer experience. Order now and take your grilling to the next level!

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