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UltraSharp Knife Wizard: Knife Sharpening Solution

UltraSharp Knife Wizard: Knife Sharpening Solution

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Introducing the UltraSharp Knife Wizard: The Ultimate Knife Sharpening Solution

Unmatched Speed & Convenience

The UltraSharp Knife Wizard is the fastest and easiest way to sharpen any knife in your collection. The precision ground tungsten-carbide ensures a safe and efficient sharpening process for all types of knives, including serrated and high-quality Damascus knives. The rugged ABS base guarantees stability and durability.

Unique Auto-Adjusting Technology

This innovative knife sharpener features precision tungsten-carbide sharpeners made in Austria that automatically adjust to the angle of the knife blade. You can control the angle from 12 degrees for a super-sharp fillet knife to 20 degrees for a rugged chopping blade, ensuring the perfect edge every time.

Triple-Action Sharpening System

The UltraSharp Knife Wizard allows you to sharpen, re-align, or polish your knives just by changing the angle of the blade. Get professional results even faster with this triple-action sharpener that delivers the same results as a chef's steel without the need for extensive practice.

Safe for Finest Knives

The UltraSharp Knife Wizard is safe to use with the finest knives in your collection. Re-align edges before they roll over and dull, and polish a micro-bevel on the finest cutlery without fear of damaging blades. This advanced sharpening system maintains razor-sharp edges without removing any metal.

Upgrade your kitchen with the UltraSharp Knife Wizard and experience the ultimate knife sharpening solution. Say goodbye to dull knives and hello to precision cutting like never before!

Product Specifications:

  • Product size: 127.816.5cm
  • Gram weight: 300g
  • Material: ABS, tungsten steel, stainless steel, silicone

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